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Online Blackjack Games

If you want to play Online Blackjack using a Blackjack Bonus Code, I’m sure you would want to know a little more about the game. Blackjack is widely regarded as the most played Casino Banking Game as well as the oldest Casino Game still being played with references to the game dating back as early as the beginning of the 1600’s. Although there are many variations of the game, the most popular form is the game that retains the name of Blackjack, others include Spanish Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack and Pontoon. Although the rules differ slightly from each variation such as when the dealer will stand and how many times you can split or double down, the game retains the same overall rules and guidelines.

How to play Online Blackjack using your Blackjack Bonus Code

Blackjack is simple enough to understand as long as you pay close attention to the basics and if you do so the rest will fall into place easily enough. It is in no way a difficult game to learn or for that matter to play as it combines the perfect amounts of both skill and luck and an amateur has just as much chance of winning as a professional does. The game begins, like most Online Casino Games with the placing of a bet (always check table minimums and maximums before playing to ensure you get the table that suits your budget and playing style). This is done by placing a chip or chips in the space available and can be done by clicking on the chip denomination of your choosing and then clicking on the empty space provided.

An initial two cards will then be dealt to you and two to the dealer with one card being placed face down (except in double exposure Blackjack, where both the dealer’s cards are shown). It is at this point you can either choose to “stick” (another card will be dealt) or “hit” (no additional cards will be dealt) remembering that to win a game of Blackjack you need to have cards that total 21 or closest to it – the winner of the game will be the player or dealer with cards that are closest to 21 so it will never be a brilliant decision to “hit” if you have cards that are equal to or higher than 17.

How to use your Blackjack Bonus Code

A Blackjack Bonus Code differs from the traditional USA Bonus Codes in that it is reserved for playing Blackjack only as opposed to the generic USA Bonus Codes which can be used for all the games. This is in no way a bad thing as a Blackjack Bonus Code will often give you more than your traditional Bonus Code will and there is just nothing bad about getting more free money. Before you play you will need to fill in the Blackjack Bonus Code into the allocated section which can usually be found on your Casino Account Page. With this you may receive a certain number of free credits in relation to the amount you deposited e.g.: a 100% Blackjack Bonus Code will give you back a 100% of your deposit, so if you deposited 500 Dollars, you will receive an additional 500 Dollars thanks to your Blackjack Bonus Code.

Audric O'Connor